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Shakti Revolution is a collection of processes and events that create more responsibly awakened spiritual teachers, leaders, and individuals. Let Shakti become a staple part of your living a path with Integrity, Honesty, and Passion!

Open Letter

It is time to wake up and reclaim your dignity.
You have a responsibility to your heart and soul to get into the driver’s seat of change. One grey and cloudy morning I discovered this…I discovered the first step of yoga and spiritual awakening. Determination.

It was 8am in downtown San Diego, CA and I was sitting on the floor of my third-story condo patio while my husband, at that time, slept. Why? So my neighbors couldn’t see me. I was sitting in deep loneliness, shame and embarrassment. Hurting from the death of my mom, a good friend, and a troubled marriage. Drunk and staring at a pile of cocaine. Realizing that I was not in the driver seat and I was living with no real passion. I felt very afraid, angry, sad, lost, and empty. I decided right then and there that my life had to change. That I had to change and start taking responsibility for my actions, words, and thoughts, but I had no idea how to do this. Shortly after this realization, I met my first mentor. She gave me tools, and more importantly, she gave me the permission and support I needed to begin to change my life. I was determined and armed with new modalities and practices.

Over the next seven years I practiced these tools, met my second teacher, and went through countless initiations of evolution. Each of these initiations took me deeper within. They connected me with the Spirit inside, and helped me to shed what was no longer serving me. Be that relationships, situations, or beliefs. I began to really see and believe how powerful my thoughts and emotions are. Coming to understandings of the universal truth of a One-God source through direct experiences. By stepping into the driver seat I could feel and gain a perspective that I’d never had before. With the accountability help from my mentors, I quickly realized how detrimental it was for me to continue on this dedicated path of Spiritual Awakening that is called Yoga.

When you feel like you are in a deep hole that you can’t climb out of either mentally, physically, or emotionally, who do you really think will get you out? Only YOU are responsible for you. By making that decision and committing to yourself, committing to your change, YOU begin your trek out of that hole.

I create the change I wish to see by climbing into that driver seat every single morning. Making that commitment, fresh, everyday to my practice and myself. I start with meditation so I can really tune into my spirit and let her guide me throughout my day. Following what the intelligence system, that is in each of us, has me do.

In the Shakti & Me Mentorship, I will share the four phases that are the foundation and building blocks of this Spiritual Awakening and science of Yoga.
-Observing the mind & body
-Rewiring your relationship with your past
-Rewriting your current belief system
-Allowing a greater vision of your future to come through

I did not invent this process. I am a guide, not a Guru. Determined to pass along the same tools I’ve been given because they belong to everyone! Are you ready to wake up, take responsibility and reclaim your dignity?

Sara Brooke Wolf -
Gypsy Wolf​

Born in Casper, WY, Sara has lived in multiple states and countries, including CO, CA, Costa Rica, and Colombia. She now resides in Phoenix, AZ. She discovered yoga in 2005. The practices she uses today helped her to navigate the passing of her Mom due to Cancer, addiction, co-dependency, abuse, self-sabotage, childhood trauma, rejection, unworthiness, depression and fear. In September of 2015, she sold everything to travel and continue learning and sharing her gifts as a healer and teacher. She is a Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Integrative Healer(using Crystal Therapy, Essential Oils, Intuition.)

In addition, Sara was led through a very intense healing program, with the help of her first mentor. Her personal transformation through this program led her to become a Certified Healing/Spiritual Mentor so that she can share with others the gifts that have been given to her. Always guided by her strong intuition, Sara knows that teaching and healing/mentoring work are her true passions and life’s calling.

The road she has traveled as well as her personal healing work, solidifies this calling. She exudes very strong, loving energy and has a deep connection with the spiritual world and nature. She loves to practice and teach all limbs/branches of yoga, especially meditation.

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